As a member of FBMS, you also agree to the following policies:
1. Weather Related Cancellations/Coachless Workouts
  FBMS members agree to conform to all FCCA rules and regulations including its Thunder and Lightening Policy. This policy states "Red Cross policy dictates that the ENTIRE facility be cleared when the pool is closed for inclement weather. It is dangerous for anyone to be on deck during this time; the water acts like a magnet for the thunder and lightening." Coaches will have the final say on whether or not practice continues in inclement weather. Coachless practices are NOT covered by FBMS insurance.
2. Swimmers Per Lane
  FCCA policy allows up to 8 swimmers per lane. Do not join any lane such that this number is exceeded.
3. Lane Usage
  FCCA residents have guaranteed lane space. During long course season, Lane 1 is reserved for residents. During short course, Lanes 1 and 2 are reserved for residents. FBMS members may NOT swim in these lanes during practices regardless if the lane is occupied or not. Further, we are competing for lane space with the other swim teams. FBMS has contractually designated lane space. Always check with your coach before swimming in an empty lane.
4. Email Policy
FBMS members provide an email address for FBMS correspondence from FBMS representatives only. FBMS will not distribute your email address to another party for any reason. Further, as a member of FBMS, you agree not to use FBMS email addresses for your own purposes, including solicitation and advertising. If you would like to disseminate information to our members, please email Coach Zing, and she will forward your information to the group as appropriate.
5. Punchcards
At this time our punchcards do not have an expiration date. To use punches, however, you must be in good standing with FBMS. "Good standing" is defined as having paid FBMS's annual registration fee and USMS fees for the current year.
To be member of FBMS, you must register with USMS annually. NO EXCEPTIONS. Swimmers will be given 30 days upon receipt of FBMS paperwork to register with USMS. FBMS will not process individual swimmer USMS registrations under any circumstances.
7. FBMS Fees and Dues
Annual Regisration fees and/or Monthly Dues will not be waived or pro-rated for any reason, seen or unforeseen.